Mutilation Song

Mutilation Song

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  • horror
  • literary

Mutilation Song delves into the extremes of mental illness by using a hallucinatory nemesis as narrator to horrifying and heartbreaking effect — Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves and Joyce Carol Oates’ Zombie meet The Evil Dead in this incredible, exquisite nightmare of a novel.

Thomas hears voices, the most prominent of which is that of a demon called Dinn. The demon re-frames Thomas’ declining mental health as a kind of nightmarish adventure, an opportunity to leave behind the world that he has known and join the forces of hell. When Thomas takes the demon at his word, applying himself to his so-called training, he finds himself being called upon to perform unspeakable acts. But Dinn has painted the world in such dark, forbidding colours that soon Thomas lacks both the will and the means to seek the help he so desperately needs.


Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Cooke International

rights sold: North America English (ChiZine Publications), French (World, Editions L’Ogre)

rights available: World

Additional Information

number of pages: 198

publication date: 09/01/2018

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: complete manuscript