Mystère sous la glace (Enigma Under the Frozen Lake)

Mystère sous la glace (Enigma Under the Frozen Lake)

"Les aventures d'Olivier et Magalie" series #5

by Stéphanie Gervais
  • adventure
  • fiction
  • french-from-quebec
  • from-quebec
This is the 5th book in the Series "Les aventures d'Olivier et Magalie". Olivier and Magalie are brother and sister and often spend holidays with their grandparents at their lake house. They, with new friends they meet at the lake, are always discovering mysterious objects or situations...and eventually resolve the enigmas after much adventurous action and suspense. Stories that will captivate both boys and girls.


Stéphanie Gervais, author

Stéphanie is a High School science and technology teacher who has written over 30 books some of which are school textbooks used for teaching in many schools. In 2016, she decided to write the kind of book she liked to read as a child and has been writing the popular "Olivier and Magalie" series, mixing a bit of science with adventures, ever since.

Sabrina Gendron, illustrator

Sabrina Gendron has a degree in Visual/Fine Arts and training in 2D/3D animation. She has worked on a number of projects of video games, graphic design and illustration. Her favourite work, however, has been illustrating stories. She has over 20 children's books published to date.

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Additional Information

age range: 6 - 9

number of pages: 96

publication date: 06/08/2018

Original language of pub: Français | French

Materials Available: finished book