Paroles d'un bouleau jaune | Words of a Yellow Birch

Paroles d'un bouleau jaune | Words of a Yellow Birch

by Michel Leboeuf
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This is the remarkable story of Old Jack, a 250-year-old yellow birch, dark colossus of the Laurentian forest, who bares his soul to a biologist. He traces the history of plants and chronicles that of his forest; he offers theories of evolution and of the origins of life; finally, he leaves us with a fundamental rule: “It is neither separation, nor exclusion, nor competition that reigns over the world of the living (…); helping one another, working together, and living in symbiosis are the keys to understanding evolution.”

Supported by recent ecological discoveries, the fable of the yellow birch provides a pretext for a powerful understanding of Nature and shines a light on the relationship between humans and… trees. A rare hybrid that lies somewhere between science essay and fable.


Michel Leboeuf, author

Michel Leboeuf is a biologist. Editor-in-chief of the magazine Nature sauvage for 10 years, he has written over a dozen books and was twice awarded the prix Hubert-Reeves for best popular science book in Quebec. Currently he is the executive director of the Lanaudiere Conservation Social Trust.

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publication date: 04/18/2018

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