Petite Laine

Petite Laine

by Amélie Panneton
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It’s the kind of story on which we always fall by chance. Ours begins in the Saint-Roch neighborhood of Quebec City, where a young documentary filmmaker is working on yarn bombing, a textile variant of street art that involves wrapping or embellishing street furniture with wool knittings. While investigating the practice, she gets entangled in the stories of Marjolaine, Alexandra and Marie, three old ladies who, with Zina, their missing friend, founded a yarn bombing collective in their twenties, at the beginning of the 21st century... Both soft and rough, like a sweater knitted by your grandmother, Petite laine is a story woven with memories and lies, tainted by the commitment and naivety of youth.


Amélie Panneton, author

Amélie Panneton was born in 1985. She grew up in Acadie and now lives in Montreal. She is the author of a collection of short stories, Le charme discret du café filtre (La Bagnole, 2011). Petite laine is her first novel.


  • In the book, friends tell of their late-teen years in the golden age of Tumblr and betrayals in the name of love, a period paved with poverty, boots that let through the snow and coffee stolen from an employer to save some money. A chaotic chapter marked by yarn bombing, a practice rooted in street art for which Amélie cultivates a big interest. - Catherine Genest, Voir Link to review

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number of pages: 329

publication date: 03/13/2017

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