Première avenue

Première avenue

by Émilie Rivard
  • critically-acclaimed
  • french-from-quebec
  • from-quebec
  • romance
Laura is a 17 year old girl who decides one day that she has had enough of the predestined life her family and boyfriend want for her. She decides after mourning the death of a squashed squirrel to pack up her things, leave everyone behind and move to Limoilou. An artistic and bohemian part of Quebec city. There she finds a job as a delivery girl for a new pudding restaurant that just opened. New roommates, weird neighbours and warm souls are all part the process in finding her true self through new pudding flavours and a great song all while coming to terms that this young girl is about to become the woman she maybe wants to be.


Émilie Rivard, author

Émilie Rivard is very well known in Québec. With over 55 books published for children of all ages, this is her very first book for young adults.


  • Winner 2018 Prix des libraires, 12-17 ans

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Espoir en canne



rights available: World

Additional Information

age range: 14 and up

number of pages: 196

publication date: 10/18/2016

Original language of pub: French | Français

Materials Available: finished book

Additional Materials: Epub