Quand le vent souffle

Quand le vent souffle

by Todd Stewart
  • arts
  • fiction
  • inquiry
  • science
Two pine trees standing in a forest have a conversation, a young tree and a mature tree. The old one explains to the other how the wind helps them to live and grow, but also how it can tear trees apart. Over time, the young pine gains confidence in itself and becomes aware of its own destiny. With this conversation of a philosophical nature that spreads over years, perhaps even decades, Todd Stewart tells us a story about time that passes, about the trials and joys of living. He offers us a poetic take on the cycle of life.


Todd Stewart, author

Todd Stewart is an illustrator and artist from Saskatchewan. Self-taught, he has been directing a silkscreen workshop in Montreal since 2004. His printed works show his acute sense of composition and his great mastery of color. To create QUAND LE VENT SOUFFLE, the first album he designed as an author, Stewart wanted to integrate is own writing into his visual works.

Todd Stewart, illustrator


  • To humanize the whole subject of the book, Stewart chose to connect a young tree who has everything to learn and an older one for whom the end of the journey draws near. These two trees, which are shown here tossed by the wind, inhabited by birds and squirrels, lose their leaves in the fall and regain life in the spring. They participate in the life of the forest, in this great ecosystem that brings us together. - Marie Fradette, Le Devoir

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publication date: 10/22/2019

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