Rabbit and Bear Paws: Sacred seven - Bear

Rabbit and Bear Paws: Sacred seven - Bear

"Sacred Seven " series #2

by Chad Solomon
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Rabbit and Bear Paws: Sacred Seven is a new comical picture books series based on the beloved characters from the "Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws."

In this new series, Rabbit and Bear Paws “try” to understand the seven grandfather teachings from our Elder brothers and sisters: the animals of the Eagle, Bear, Buffalo, Beaver, Mouse, Kitch-sabe (Big Foot) and Turtle.

We invite you to follow along as Rabbit and Bear Paws observe and mimic the actions of the animals, and watch as they get into and out of all sorts of funny situations.

In this book, a mother bear and her cub are hungry! Watch Rabbit and Bear Paws learn about courage, and try new things as they mimic the bear… and end up with ants in their pants!


Chad Solomon, author

Illustrator and one of 3 authors that write the Rabbit and Bear Paws series of graphic novels and picture books.

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Little Spirit Bear Productions

email: chadsol@gmail.com

website: http://www.rabbitandbearpaws.com/

rights available: World

Additional Information

age range: 6 - 9

number of pages: 20

publication date: 03/10/2010

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: finished book