"Curious Albert" series

by Marc Trudel
  • from-quebec
  • science
In this book, Albert helps us discover the fascinating world of science. Inspired by known scientific principles, he presents more than 25 experiments easy to do. No need to visit a laboratory to reproduce these experiments because all the required material could be found at home. Albert is curious with a capital C. In this documentary series, he explores a lot of subjects with his accomplices: his friend Nora, the Frog and the Hen. His approach is experimental, unbridled and funny.


Marc Trudel, author

Marc Trudel is a professional magician. He has been performing for 15 years around Canada, in corporate events, on stage and in other events. He is also a consultant and a teacher of magic tricks and his work was honored by the Canadian Association of Magicians.

Sophie-Anne Vachon, illustrator

Sophie-Anne Vachon is an artist who also has a bachelor degree in Education. She mainly does illustrations, graphic design and artistic direction.


  • La série "Albert" est un coup de cœur pour moi!! - Caroline Tringali, magazine AQEP – Revue Vivre le primaire
  • [Les expériences] sont bien décrites, avec des dessins et des photos pour te permettre de bien suivre toutes les étapes. - Ève Christian, Radio-Canada


  • Winner, 2015-2016 Hackmatack

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age range: 8-10

number of pages: 78

publication date: 09/16/2014

Original language of pub: French | Français

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