Should Auld Aquaintance

Should Auld Aquaintance

by Melanie Murray
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  • feminism
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Robert Burns' Belle of Mauchline is given a voice in this lyrical and intimate depiction of the life of Jean Armour, known simply as the wife of the infamous poet and mother of nine of his children. Melanie Murray's biographical Should Auld Acquaintance reveals the historical tale of the talented farmer, a forbidden affair, and the tumultuous life of an 18th-century Scottish woman.


Melanie Murray, author

Melanie Murray is a professor of literature, composition and creative writing at Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC. She holds a BA, BEd and MA in English, and a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing. Her previous book For Your Tomorrow: The Way of an Unlikely Soldier was published by Random House in 2011.


  • With an evocative mix of novelistic reinvention and exhaustive legwork, she recreates Armour and Burns’s late 18th-century courtship… Fans of poetry and melodrama will be transfixed by Murray’s compelling portrait of Armour’s enduring commitment to Scotland’s bawdy bard. - Publishers Weekly Link to review

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