Smokin' Eh

Smokin' Eh

by Ted Anderson
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Delicious recipes featuring ingredients and traditions from across the country are laid out in easy-to-follow steps. Using equipment such as backyard BBQs or more specialized smokers, Ted Anderson describes techniques and tips to help develop your own smoking style. The practice and traditions of Canadian smoking are different from those in other parts of the world, including etis traditions of smoking fish, fowl and wild game gave us a rich heritage of preserving meat and adding flavour with smoke. This ancient heritage blended with the techniques, marinades and brines brought by immigrants further expanded our northern smoking traditions."


Ted Anderson, author

Ted Anderson’s passion for food has taken him to Europe, Morocco, Thailand, Laos, Australia and Japan. But he launched his culinary career in his hometown Vancouver where he mentored with some of Vancouver’s best chefs and ran award-winning independent restaurants. He was Chef de Cuisine at Vancouver’s Campagnolo Roma, owner of Fat Dragon, a south Asian and Chinese fusion BBQ restaurant, and is currently the concept development chef for a Joey’s restaurant group.

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