The Death Scene Artist

The Death Scene Artist

by Andrew Wilmot
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M_____ is dying of cancer. Only thirty-two, an extra with a meagre list of credits to their name and afraid of being forgotten, M_____ starts recounting the strange, fantastic and ultimately tragic path of their love affair with the world’s greatest living "redshirt" — a man who has died or appeared dead in nearly eight hundred film and television roles. In a compelling narrative of blog entries interspersed with film script excerpts, The Death Scene Artist immerses readers in a three-act surrealist exploration of the obsessive fault-finding of body dysmorphia and the dangerous desires of a man who has lived several hundred half-minute lives without having ever experienced his own.

Written in a semi-epistolary format mimicking that of a blog, The Death Scene Artist is a three-act surrealist exploration of film industry supplementals, the Cinderella complex, sexual denial, fear of commitment, and the dangerous predilections of a man who has lived several hundred half-minute lives without having ever experienced his own.


Andrew Wilmot, author

Andrew Wilmot is a writer, editor, and artist living in Toronto, ON. He holds a BFA in Visual Arts (with a minor in Film and Video Studies) and a master’s degree in Publishing, both from SFU. He is a freelance book reviewer, academic editor, and substantive and copy editor with several independent presses and publications, including the online zine Anathema: Spec from the Margins, for which he is Co-Editor-in-Chief. By night he spends his time writing and painting large, synaesthetic canvases. Much of Andrew’s written work focuses on the intersections of art, identity, and the body, often with a healthy dose of surrealist horror. To date, his work has been published in Found Press, The Singularity, Glittership, Drive In Tales, Turn to Ash, and Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories, and he was the winner of the 2015 Friends of Merril Short Story Contest.


  • Wilmot brings a sensually complete sense of reality to the unreal worlds of on- and off-screen Hollywood. Wilmot's serious play with language and with form makes "The Death Scene Artist" a hypnotic, surprising novel that doesn’t sacrifice emotion for irony. - Nathan Ripley
  • From the jaw-dropping opening pages when we meet a protagonist perusing their remarkable inventory of 'outfits,' up to the very last page, this novel kept me riveted. This is a wonderful book, surreal, disturbing and liberating in the very best way. - Suzette Mayr

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