The Dragon Run: Two Canadians, Ten Bhutanese, One Stray Dog

The Dragon Run: Two Canadians, Ten Bhutanese, One Stray Dog

by Tony Robinson-Smith
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Tony Robinson-Smith, his wife Nadya, and ten Bhutanese college students set out to run 578 kilometres (360 miles) across the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. Joined by a stray dog, they slogged over five mountain passes, bathed in ice-clogged streams, ate over log fires, and stopped at every store, restaurant, guesthouse, and dzong to raise money for the Tarayana Foundation. The “Tara-thon” was the first endeavour of its kind and gave 350 village children the chance to go to school. En route, the Long Distance Dozen met a Buddhist lama, a royal prince, a Tibetan renegade, and a matriarch who told them the secret to long life. On arrival in Thimphu, they were decorated by Her Majesty the Queen. In this contemplative memoir, Tony describes Bhutan in rich detail at a transformative period in its history and reflects on tradition, belief, modernization, and happiness.


Tony Robinson-Smith, author

British by origin, Canadian by marriage, Tony Robinson-Smith chronicled his adventures circling the earth without using aircraft in Back in 6 Years (Goose Lane Editions). Tony now teaches and runs in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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