The Fairy Tale Museum

The Fairy Tale Museum

by Susannah M. Smith
  • from-british-columbia
  • literary
  • sci-fi-fantasy

The Fairy Tale Museum is an alchemical curiosity-cabinet-as-novel that showcases the original, spectacular, grotesque, endearing, and otherworldly. You’ll meet bird-headed lovers, a cyborg cyclops, a fortune teller, revolutionary ventriloquists’ dummies, a narcoleptic vampire, Eros and Thanatos, and a host of woodland creatures. A celebration of hybrids, creativity, and transformation, this book is a manifesto against putting ourselves into boxes that limit who we can be and what is possible.


Susannah M. Smith, author

Susannah M. Smith is the author of the novel How the Blessed Live (Coach House Books). Her short fiction, non-fiction, artwork, and poetry have appeared in various publications. She lives in Vancouver.


  • In "The Fairy Tale Museum", Susannah M. Smith has crafted a world as seemingly scenic and romantic as a snow globe — except this world can break, it can draw blood, and it can transform. This is a beautiful book, its beauty only deepened by its bite. - Derek McCormack
  • In Susannah M. Smith’s fantastical, moody folkloric menagerie, you can wander slowly and savour, or leap randomly between surprising exhibits. Part Brothers Grimm and part Doktor Bey, part novel and part poem, "The Fairy Tale Museum" is a moving, exquisite sensory experience. This is an exciting book. - Stuart Ross

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publication date: 05/15/2018

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