The Irrelevance of Space and Other Stories

The Irrelevance of Space and Other Stories

by Ashis Gupta & Swapna Gupta
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These stories delineate how mere movement from one country to another, one community to another, can create gut-wrenching situations, if only to underscore the terrifying plight of refugees lost at sea (as we are constant witnesses to in today's world – as portrayed in one of the stories, ‘Guantanamo.’ 'The Irrelevance of Space,' 'The Katowice Eviction,' 'Remembrance,' 'Fal-e-Hafez,' 'Guantanamo,' and 'The Cyberdeath Files' - stories that range across many countries - are tales of dislocation, geographical and cultural. They invite us to move beyond our own borders and discover beauty, riches, and experiences that lie within our reach, if only we are able to shake off our preconceptions, fears and prejudices. The reward is a gift of understanding. In 'The Cyberdeath Files,' a suspenseful mystery, Laloo Singh, an Indian computer engineer, meets Amanda, a Chinese-American beauty, and together they work to solve a string of mysterious deaths. The book's a thriller, but also an exploration of cross-cultural relationships. Says Amanda to Laloo, after they fall in love: "We represent a third of the world's population. Just imagine what a marvellous team we would make."


Ashis Gupta, author

Ashis Gupta is the author or editor of over twelve works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. A Canadian of Indian origin he studied under John Malcolm Brinnin, Mary Carter, and Anne Sexton in Boston University's Creative Writing program. He completed his PhD dissertation on 17th century English poetry. He has taught at Boston and Harvard Universities, in New Delhi, Johannesburg and Cuba. In 1971 he served as a War Correspondent for the 'Boston Phoenix' in the India-Pakistan War in Bangladesh.

Swapna Gupta, author

With a doctorate in Psychology and a lifetime of clinical practice at the Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary, Canada, Swapna writes with a deep understanding of human nature and with unfailing compassion.


  • The world is always in movement, wrote V.S. Naipaul.....Its an apt description for the themes and characters - the restless feet and wandering spirits - in Swapna and Ashis Gupta's co-written book of short stories, "The Irrelevance of Space". In settings ranging from Scandinavia to Canada, Eastern Europe, Iran, Cuba and the USA, the six stories here transcend geographical boundaries and trace the permeable borderland diverse emotional terrain of human relationships. Although differing greatly, the stories are each rooted in local settings, revealing the diversity of human experience around the globe...... a worthwhile and engaging read. - Jamal Ali, Alberta Views Magazine Link to review

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