The Rosetta Man

The Rosetta Man

by Claire McCague
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Wanted: Translator for first contact. Immediate opening. Danger pay allowance.

Estlin Hume lives in Twin Butte, Alberta surrounded by a horde of affectionate squirrels. His involuntary squirrel-attracting talent leaves him evicted, expelled, fired and near penniless until two aliens arrive and adopt him as their translator. Yanked around the world at the center of the first contact crisis, Estlin finds his new employers incomprehensible. As he faces the ultimate language barrier, unsympathetic military forces converging in the South Pacific keep threatening to kill the messenger. The question on everyone’s mind is why are the aliens here?

But Estlin’s starting to think we’ll happily blow ourselves up in the process of finding that out.


Claire McCague, author

Claire McCague is a writer, scientist, and folk musician who fabricates nanostructured materials by day and spins words into scripts and books as the stars rise. She has a doctorate in chemistry, achieved explicitly to support her arts habits, and spends her days trying to save the world through development of nanostructured materials for sustainable energy conversion systems. She lives and doesn’t sleep much in British Columbia.


  • While this book began as a humorous sci-fi adventure, it really caused me to ponder over the ironic human search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, while not being intelligent enough to deal peacefully with terrestrial life between nations. - Pennie Collins, Link to review
  • "The Rosetta Man" is a fun read that is full of wonder and humor. One of the things I liked most about this novel is the sense of the absurd that Claire McCague infuses into a story about first contact. This was just the kind of science fiction that you'll want to read if "Hitchhiker's Guide" is something you enjoy. - Michael, Prelee Link to review

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number of pages: 336

publication date: 04/05/2016

Original language of pub: English

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