The Scandalous Mrs. Wilson

The Scandalous Mrs. Wilson

"Fraser Springs" series #1

by Laine Ferndale
  • historical
  • series
  • women-s

Jo Wilson has seen her share of tragedy, but she’s determined to keep her late husband’s bathhouse afloat, even if her all-female staff raises eyebrows. She’s holding her own against the Fraser Springs society ladies’ public scorn, but a handsome new customer poses a different threat. Bored with writing adventure novels, author Owen Sterling arrives in the tiny Canadian town hoping to launch a serious journalism career with an exposé on the titillating rumors swirling around Wilson’s Bathhouse. But the beguiling Jo is honest and upright and her respectable business is not at all what he expected.

When the town’s small-mindedness lights a literal fire under their feet, Jo and Owen must choose what’s most important: tending to their careers or surrendering to their bubbling emotions.


Laine Ferndale, author

Laine Ferndale teaches literature and writing to pay for a fairly serious chai latte habit. She lives with her husband and her adorably needy cat. Find her at, on Facebook and on Twitter @laineferndale.

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Rights Holder: Crimson Romance (Simon & Schuster)



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number of pages: 206

publication date: 05/22/2017

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: finished book