The Y Chromosome

The Y Chromosome

by Leona Gom
  • from-british-columbia
  • lgbtq
  • sci-fi-fantasy
  • women-s

The Y Chromosome by Leona Gom challenges the reader to meet an all-woman society of the future. The few remaining men live in hiding. When one of these men is discovered, the resulting conflict threatens both worlds. ​The futurist society was developed by necessity and is far from perfect, but it now abhors its male-dominated past, where violence escalated to an extreme. The journals of a man who lived during The Change reveal the desperate turmoil and anger of a world facing the extinction of half its members. The journals are now part of university history courses, leading to assessments of the past that are both ironic and disturbing. ​Despite its striking differences to our world today, there are uncomfortable similarities.

Taut and gripping, a page turner at its very best, the novel asks important and fundamental questions about who we are as women and men and what we will do to survive.


Leona Gom, author

Leona Gom was born on an isolated farm in the north Peace River district of Alberta, where she lived for 20 years. She received her B.Ed. and M.A. from the University of Alberta. She has taught at various colleges and universities, including the University of Alberta, U.B.C., and Douglas/Kwantlen Colleges in Surrey, B.C., where she edited the literary magazine Event for nearly 10 years. She has published six books of poetry and seven novels. She currently lives in White Rock, B.C., and is working on a new novel.

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number of pages: 256

publication date: 05/11/2019

Original language of pub: English

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