by Valérie Picard
  • fiction
  • from-quebec

At last, following in her grandfather’s footsteps, the fearless Amandine sails off, to explore the legendary island of Toucania. There she will meet merbears, chimpanthers, rebats and many other strange creatures living on the island. But Toucania will soon disappear! Will Amandine discover all of Toucania’s secrets before it’s too late?

Marianne Ferrer dazzles us once again with a picture book filled with all the richness and depth of her universe. Trough subjects dear to her heart, nature and family transmission, she takes the reader on a colorful journey packed with adventure. The text, by Valérie Picard, embodies the sweet, tender and fiery imagination of the young illustrator.

Toucania is a book for all budding explorers, young and old alike!


Valérie Picard, author

At the age of 12, Valérie Picard won the short story contest held in her class, with her crime fiction, The conductor’s chopsticks. While looking at her winnings: a giant eraser ‘’for big mistakes’’ and a puffy velvet Garfield sticker, she was struck by the certainty that she would, one day, become a writer. An unconditional lover of meandrous routes, she moves to Europe, studies fine arts, literature, anthropology, she participates in an archaeological dig in Peru and works in the advertising industry before veering towards publishing. She now writes, sometimes draws, drinks lots of tea and lives in Montreal with her guard dog Benjamin, a tiny Chihuahua!

Marianne Ferrer, illustrator

Born in Venezuela, Marianne Ferrer emigrated to Canada in 1998. After attending Dawson College in illustration and design, she completed her education in Graphic Design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, where she studied under Michèle Lemieux. Her style is characterized by its charm, refinement, and depth. and whimsy that is entirely her own.


  • Everything in this picture book delights us: the imaginary creatures as the sweet and abundant illustrations of Marianne Ferrer. Dreamlike - Marie Allard, La Presse+

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age range: 4 and up

number of pages: 48

publication date: 10/23/2018

Original language of pub: Français | French

Materials Available: finished book