Walking Away from Hate: Our journey through extremism

Walking Away from Hate: Our journey through extremism

by Lauren Manning & Jeanette Manning
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The story of an ordinary family’s descent into the dark world of white supremacy, and how love ultimately tri¬umphed over hate. As a troubled teen, Lauren Manning sought refuge online in the angry world of black metal music.

When she met a recruiter who offered her the acceptance she craved, the doctrine of white supremacy supplanted the values of her middle-class upbringing, and Lauren traded suburbia for a life of violence and criminality on the streets of Toronto.

Told from the viewpoint of both mother and daughter, Walking Away from Hate chronicles Lauren’s descent into extremism, her life within the movement and her ultimate reconnection with the family she once denounced and the mother who refused to give up on her. At a time when white supremacy and other forms of extremism are resur¬gent around the world,

Walking Away from Hate provides a candid insider’s view from a uniquely female perspective.


Lauren Manning , author

Lauren Manning works as an outreach specialist with Life After Hate. She welcomes opportunities to share her story and has been interviewed by researchers and media across North America.

Jeanette Manning , author

Jeanette Manning is active in the writer’s community of Durham region and was the recipient of a 2019 Writescape scholarship. She now volunteers with Life After Hate, a non-profit organization helping people escape extremism.


  • "Walking Away from Hate‘s" contrasts between mainstream belief systems and extremist thinking processes, the methods by which young adults are convinced to embark on life-changing paths of destruction and hate, and an insider’s thoughts about the experience are told from both sides to create an especially evocative read. While the juxtaposition of two worlds is a central theme of this mother/daughter story, equally powerful are the insights into how white extremist thinking is fostered in the young. Walking Away from Hate serves as a contrast between ideals of justice, truth, and social issues. It ideally will be used for classroom study and its powerful lure and message for those who grow into adulthood angry about society’s failures and parental teachings. - Diane Donovan , Midwest Book Review Link to review
  • An unflinchingly honest, deeply personal account of a troubled teen girl’s indoctrination to white supremacy – and her walk away from it. Told in engaging, personable style by mother and daughter, Jeanette and Lauren Manning’s Walking Away from Hate is a powerful, un-put-down-able account of a teenager being drawn into criminality, violence and extreme white supremacy through an online recruiter. Indeed, one of this memoir’s defining, pervasive powers is the dual mother-daughter narrative that relates how Lauren was drawn into this appalling ideology and situation, how her family struggled with it, and how – ultimately – she came back from the brink. It’s a brave book, suffused in unwavering honesty. - Joanne Owen , Love Reading UK Link to review

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