by Andrew F. Sullivan
  • from-ontario
  • literary
  • mystery-crime
  • thriller

A breakneck tour of a brokedown city littered with ruptured families, missing mothers, busted bowling alleys, and neon motels. Larkhill, Ontario. 1989. A city on the brink of utter economic collapse. On the brink of violence.

Driving home one night, unlikely passengers Jamie Garrison and Moses Moon hit a lion at fifty miles an hour. Both men stumble away from the freak accident unharmed, but neither reports the bizarre incident. Haunted by the dead lion, Moses storms through the frozen city with his pathetic crew of wannabe skinheads searching for his mentally unstable mother. Jamie struggles with raising his young daughter and working a dead-end job in a butcher shop, where a dead body shows up in the waste buckets out back. A warning of something worse to come. Somewhere out there in the dark, a man is still looking for his lion. His name is Astor Crane, and he has never really understood forgiveness.


Andrew F. Sullivan, author

Andrew F. Sullivan is from Oshawa, Ontario. His debut short story collection, All We Want Is Everything (ARP Books, 2013), was one of The Globe & Mail’s Best Books of 2013. Sullivan no longer spends his days handling raw meat, boxes of liquor, or used video games. Waste is his first novel.


  • Breathtakingly violent, "Waste" blurs the lines between crime fiction, noir, and literary horror. It is bloody, scuzzy, and leaves a gritty aftertaste of authenticity and dark humour. - Kirkus Reviews
  • [B]oth disturbing and wicked funny [...]. - The Solute
  • [N]ostalgic and timely — a sideways look at a city’s underbelly animated by skinheads, head trauma, ZZ Top beards and exotic pet owning drug dealers [...]. It’s a close look at some rough edges [that] [...] aren’t often featured in Canadian literature. - VICE
  • [P]otent and disturbing [...]. Sullivan deftly paints human touches onto each character. - The Walrus
  • A rollicking ride with sadists. - Toronto Star
  • [B]rutal, mesmeric [...] many chapters read like short stories, and Sullivan uses these movements to showcase his tonal range. - The Globe & Mail

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number of pages: 256

publication date: 03/15/2016

Original language of pub: English

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