Y: Oppenheimer, Horseman of Los Alamos

Y: Oppenheimer, Horseman of Los Alamos

by Aaron Tucker
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J. Robert Oppenheimer: reluctant father of the atomic bomb, enthusiastic lover of books, devoted husband and philanderer. Engaging with the books he voraciously read, and especially the Bhagavad Gita, his moral compass, this lyrical novel takes us through his story, from his tumultuous youth to his marriage with a radical communist and the two secret, consuming affairs he carried on, all the while bringing us deep inside the mind of the man behind the Manhattan Project.

With the stunning backdrop of Los Alamos, New Mexico, Oppenheimer's spiritual home, and using progressively shorter chapters that shape into an inward spiral, Y brings us deep inside the passions and moral qualms of this man with pacifist, communist leanings as he created and tested the world's first weapon of mass destruction -- and, in the process, changed the world we live in immeasurably.


Aaron Tucker, author

Aaron Tucker is the author of two collections of poetry, Irresponsible Mediums: The Chess Games of Marcel Duchamp and Punchlines, as well as the two scholarly manuscripts Virtual Weaponry: The Militarized Internet in Popular Cinema and Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema. His current collaborative project, Loss Sets, translates poems into sculptures which are then 3D printed; he is also the co-creator of "The Chessbard", an app that transforms chess games into poems. In addition, he is a lecturer in the English department at Ryerson University.


  • Yet what is most distinctive in Tucker's fictionalized profile is the sense of Oppenheimer as an almost pathological introvert, a quality that, in concert with Tucker's considerable gifts with language and observation, makes "Y" at once delicate, evocative, and inert. - Jos√© Teodoro, Quill & Quire Link to review

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