Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night

Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night

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by Rob Laidlaw
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A fabulous book about bats, their importance to a range of ecosystems, and the young "bat citizens" who are engaged in conservation efforts around the world. Bat habits and habitats and their importance in maintaining biodiversity will fascinate readers of all ages. A centre-gatefold bat illustration along with Informational sidebars, colour photographs, a glossary and index, and a reverse bat poster on the jacket will instruct and enthuse.


Rob Laidlaw, author

Award-winning author Rob Laidlaw has devoted his life to protecting animals and empowering others to do the same, especially youth who share his passion. He is founder of several animal protection organizations including Zoocheck. This latest book in making a difference to protect animals by getting involved as a global champion to their cause is sure to find support and effect positive change.


  • [An] extensive introduction to the world of bats…Laidlaw debunks myths such as bats are blind and discusses threats to their survival…Particularly interesting are 10 profiles of ‘bat citizens’ from around the world who are helping conservations efforts…VERDICT Even readers who don’t actively engage in citizen science projects should gain a new appreciation of bats through this engaging overview. A good choice for most school and public library collections. - School Library Journal Link to review
  • Chock-full of bat facts and photographs, this nonfiction book for young readers makes the case for bat conservation, including challenges that face the species and possible solutions….The backmatter includes a nice section on practical ways to help…Look to this eye-catching book to be convinced of the wonders of the bat and how they are deserving of protection. - Kirkus Reviews Link to review
  • Because bats are a favorite topic for many young readers, there’s always room in the marketplace for another book, especially one that is comprehensive, based on the latest data, and written in an appealing, kid friendly style….The orderly layout of the book will engage readers and leave a strong impression….An exciting surprise awaits mid book: a huge foldout diagram of a Hoary Bat with key body parts labelled. The same poster graces the reverse of the cover….This is a most visually appealing book! Bat Citizens’ contents should readily satisfy the bat curious. Highly recommended! - CM Magazine Link to review

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age range: 8-12

number of pages: 48

publication date: 03/16/2018

Original language of pub: English

Materials Available: finished book

Additional Materials: Includes life-size bat gatefold inside book and reverse poster on book jacket