Ceux qui restent

Ceux qui restent

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How many people are affected to the very core when someone commits suicide? How many wounds are inflicted on those left behind? No one emerges unscathed. Charlène, Vincent, Mélanie, Stéphane, Muguette are all broken souls, their vitality stifled by the brutal death of Sylvain. Each reacts in his or her own way. They fight as best they can, with the weapons they have. The violence of this act of suicide has a long-term impact on their very existence. But life is a powerful force, very powerful.

An action novel filled with emotion and reflections on life, a profoundly human novel, Ceux qui restent gives voice to strong and engaging characters. Despite the harshness of the facts it recounts, this novel focuses above all on those whom we speak of so little and whom we leave to face the unnameable and the unbearable alone, because society so often dwells on the act rather than on those who must live with its consequences.


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number of pages: 504

publication date: 10/26/2015

Original language of pub: French | Français

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