Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy


by David Goudreault
  • critically-acclaimed
  • debut
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Written with gritty humour in the form of a confession, Mama’s Boy recounts the family drama of a young man who sets out in search of his mother after a childhood spent shuffling from one foster home to another. A bizarre character with a skewed view of the world, he leads the reader on a quest that is both tender and violent. His search takes an unexpected turn.

David Goudreault’s cinematic writing style allows the reader to feel the heartrending disconnect between the protagonist’s perceptions and reality.


David Goudreault, author

David Goudreault is a social worker, novelist, poet and media columnist. In June 2011, he was the first Quebecer to win the World Cup of Slam Poetry in Paris. David leads creative writing workshops in schools and detention centres in Quebec and France. He has authored four books of poetry, and his first novel, Mama’s Boy, was met with great acclaim from readers and critics alike.


  • David Goudreault has a way of fashioning humour, stripping his world, his culture and his puppets bare, playing with words and wilfully confusing the players in his society without drowning them in incoherence as such. I devoured all three of his books, and they blew me away. - Franco Nuovo, Voir
  • [...][Remarkably] effective. It’s because he has such a way with words that we get attached to this little delinquent who uses language to justify all his opinions and wrongdoings[...]. - La Presse
  • This is a ‘tour de force’ by David Goudreault, a powerful first novel, written in a chiseled, paced, visual style that one is not ready to forget. - Samuel Larochelle, Huffington Post


  • Winner, 2016 Grand Prix littéraire Archambault

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number of pages: 232

publication date: 04/01/2015

Original language of pub: French | Français

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Additional Materials: David Goudreault interviewed by François Busnel