Oiseaux de malheur

Oiseaux de malheur

"Collection noire" series

by Jocelyn Boisvert
  • from-quebec
  • horror
  • series
  • thriller

Hell descended from the sky.

Seated in the back of the family car, Daphne sighs with boredom at the idea of the two weeks of camping that lie before her. Suddenly… Bang! A bird smashes against the windshield. When the teen’s father gets out of the car to see if the bird is still alive, he’s struck in the head by another bird.

Thus begins a long series of attacks that transform this bucolic first day of vacation into a veritable nightmare.


• The author was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award in 2017 for Les moustiques.

• A strong, courageous teenage girl as the main character

• A Hitchcock-type thriller


Jocelyn Boisvert, author

Jocelyn Boisvert has been writing children’s literature for the past twenty years. His bibliography is filled with original, humorous, fantastic works, to which horror stories have recently been added. Following Les moustiques (Soulières éditeur), he wrote Oiseaux de malheur, in homage to the famous film The Birds, created by one of his favourite filmmakers, Alfred Hitchcock.


  • Très réussi, ce roman glace le sang. - Marie Allard, La Presse Link to review
  • Un roman qui se lit d'une traite, alors qu'on se demande quand le cauchemar se terminera. - Marianne Phénix, TPL Moms Link to review
  • Jocelyn Boisvert parvient à créer un suspense haletant qui gardera le lecteur de 8 ans et plus sur le bout de sa chaise sans toutefois l’empêcher de fermer l’oeil de la nuit! - Catherine Chiasson, Les Petits Pois lisent tout Link to review


  • Sélection des livres jeunesse de Communication Jeunesse, 2020, 9-11 ans

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Additional Information

age range: 9 years old and up

publication date: 09/01/2019

Original language of pub: French

Materials Available: finished book