by Geneviève Drolet
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Dorothée’s father is driving her to the airport. She tells herself that maybe he’s sending her South, but at the last minute she realizes that instead, he’s sending her up close to the North Pole to punish her for her foolish stunts. Her life will become an endless round of boots creaking on snow, days of minus 1000 degrees, rocks splitting from the cold and fingers falling off. Dorothée will have to find out who she is and come to know herself. She will have to give herself a name. Walking the line between a Nordic Western and a thriller, Panik is a polar fable featuring Canada’s Far North, an unknown country and a place where reality outstrips fiction. Its absurdity, brutal cold and unexpected beauty will leave no reader unmoved.


Geneviève Drolet, author

Geneviève Drolet has been working in the circus for 20 years. When not busy with tours, travel and performances, she writes, with most of her ideas coming to her when she’s upside down balancing on her hands. She has travelled to more than 35 countries and hopes to add a few more to her inventory. She feels a particular fondness for the places no one goes and languages no one learns. She is also the author of Sexe chronique [Chronic Sex] and Guide des saunas nordiques [Guide to Northern Spas].


  • "Panik", gives us an original voice, a straight-ahead narrative, and a panoramic portrait of the North such as we have not seen in a long time. In what is neither a paean nor a diatribe, Drolet, a young writer I love and who, with this novel, firmly establishes her status as a major writer, transports us into the white world where violence strikes as hard as the wind, survival is a daily struggle and beauty is to be found in the best that nature has to offer – her landscapes and her children. - Josée-Anne Paradis, Les Libraires Link to review

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publication date: 03/16/2015

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