Pure Pajamas

Pure Pajamas

by Marc Bell
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Immerse yourself in the humorous, frenetic world of nonsensical wordplay and talking hot dogs.

Pure Pajamas collects Marc Bell's best material from his syndicated weekly comic strip for the Montreal Mirror and the Halifax Coast, as well as a host of anthologies such as Kramers Ergot, EXPO, Maow Maow and more, featuring his reoccurring characters Kevin, Ol' Simp, Chia-Man, Mr. Socks, and Shrimpy and Paul.

Throughout Pure Pajamas, Bell creates symbiotic relationships of his fantasy ecosystems, drawn in a rubbery big-foot style. Reminiscent of the sixties comics of R. Crumb but with a kind of bemused detachment in place of Crumb's ire, Bell addresses the big issues of what it's like to live in today's world.


Marc Bell, author

Marc Bell was born in London, Ontario, and has befuddled and bemused his readers for almost twenty years. He is the author of Hot Potatoe, Pure Pajamas, and Shrimpy and Paul and Friends. His comics have appeared in many Canadian weeklies, Vice, and LA Weekly. He is a twin.

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number of pages: 96

publication date: 09/27/2011

Original language of pub: English

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