Quill of the Dove

Quill of the Dove

"MiroLand" series

by Ian Thomas Shaw
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French journalist Marc Taragon is at the apex of his career in 2007. A tenacious idealist, Taragon has spent the last thirty years attempting to bring to readers the truths about the wars and political intrigues of the region. He is unsparing in his criticism of extremists and has earned many enemies. He agrees to be interviewed in Cyprus, by a young Canadian journalist, Marie Boivin, not knowing that Marie has a hidden agenda: to discover through Taragon the truth about her childhood.

Before Marie finds the answers she seeks, she is enmeshed in Taragon's plan to broker peace negotiations between a left-wing Israeli politician and a dissident Palestinian leader. Taragon succeeds in persuading the two adversaries to agree to an ambitious peace plan. The action then moves quickly through Europe and the Middle East as Taragon and his associates try to stay one step ahead of deadly opponents of their initiative. Parallel to the main plot is the narrative of Taragon's early years as a journalist in war-torn Lebanon, his bonds to his partners in the peace initiative and Marie Boivin's tragic childhood.


Ian Thomas Shaw, author

Ian Thomas Shaw was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. For the last 33 years, he has worked as a diplomat and as an international development worker, living in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He currently lives in Aylmer, Quebec. He is the founder of Deux Voiliers Publishing, the Prose in the Park Literary Festival and the Ottawa Review of Books. His political thriller Quill of the Dove (Guernica, April 2019) has been optioned for limited TV series by Original Pictures.


  • "Quill of the Dove" is a complex mix of themes and issues. None is neatly resolved, but all are given their due. This is a read to reflect upon. It will surely stimulate both more reading and the urgent hope that characters like these exist in real life. "Quill of the Dove" is a bold tale of courageous ideals in pursuit of peace and human dignity. - Timothy Niedermann, Ottawa Review of Books Link to review
  • The historical context is thoroughly researched and it is clear that Shaw, a seasoned diplomat, is able to draw on his extensive experience and knowledge of the region and its peoples. The reader cannot help but be mesmerized as she / he sees the characters in the novel reach toward this peace that might have been, and engage in battle with the in-grown political, religious and tribal forces that are the root cause of all the Middle Eastern instability to this day. One senses that Shaw sees himself as Taragon and wishes that he could have pulled off what his fictional hero comes close to achieving. In this riveting novel, Shaw succeeds in bringing to life for the reader the horrors the inhabitants of this war-torn region have been living through over numerous generations. All in all, a great five-star read! - Geza Tatrallyay, New York Journal of Books Link to review
  • Shaw is a man involved in various literary pursuits and knows how to write to hold his readers’ attention.... His battle scenes are detailed, gripping and realistic. His insights into Middle East politics are superb. A very complex, heartbreaking love story plays out against the mayhem. - Paul Gessell, Artsfile Link to review

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