Reframed: Self-Reg© for a Just Society

Reframed: Self-Reg© for a Just Society

by Stuart Shanker
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Creating a just society isn’t simply a matter of “permitting” individuals to fulfill themselves: it has to be both psychologically and politically possible.

For Stuart Shanker, this possibility begins with how a society sees and nurtures its children. Reframed showcases the science and the thinking behind the conceptual distinctions that are the very lifeblood of Shanker Self-Reg©.

Based on a synthesis of major scientific advances that are taking place in neuroscience, psychophysiology, psychology and clinical practice, Reframed presents the paradigm-revolution in the human sciences that sees relationships at both the neurobiological and psychological level as “the hidden heart of the human cosmos.”

The twin pillars of the Triune Brain and the Interbrain provide the basis for a new understanding of self-regulation, and to reframe several fundamental concepts such as: temperament and personality, rationality and irrationality, intelligence and perseverance, freedom and virtue.


Stuart Shanker, author

Stuart G. Shanker is a distinguished research professor emeritus of philosophy and psychology with York University and founder of the MEHRIT Centre, Ltd. He is one of the world’s leading authorities, and best-selling authors on self-regulation and child development, and is former president of the Council of Early Child Development. His academic work has included study with Northrop Frye, Isaiah Berlin, and a book with Stanley Greenspan.

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