The Dog Lover Unit: Lessons in Courage from the World's K9 Cops

The Dog Lover Unit: Lessons in Courage from the World's K9 Cops

by Rachel Rose
  • memoir

An acclaimed poet, Rachel Rose never expected to spend her nights careening along for the ride while the police teams search for armed suspects. Yet once she decided to meet the people who devoted their lives to police K9 units, she found herself signing up for the ride-alongs, training runs, and other challenges that these courageous people-and canines-face on a daily basis.

In The Dog Lover Unit, Rose introduces readers to police dogs and their handlers in the United States, Canada, Britain, and France (where their group's official name translates as "the dog lover unit"). She's there to catch a criminal with Constable Matt Noel and Blackie; to patrol with Sheriff Gene Davis and Gunner; and writes movingly about the tragic funeral of Constable Dave Ross, and its impact on other K9 teams. With insight, humor, and awe, this book reveals the feats that these human and canine teams accomplish, and the emotional and physical risks that they take for one another, and for us.


Rachel Rose, author

Rachel Rose has won awards for her poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, including a 2014 and 2016 Pushcart Prize, and was named a Governor's General Award finalist in 2016. She is the Poet Laureate of Vancouver for 2014-2017 and was a 2015 fellow at The University of Iowa's International Writing Program. She has published work in journals and anthologies in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand and Japan. She lives in Canada. Rachel's books include Marry & Burn and Song & Spectacle.


  • "The Dog Lover Unit" […] takes readers on a deep dive into the gritty world of canine cops and their handlers […]. The book is thematic, exploring law enforcement, relationships, bonds, family. The ride alongs are intense and often emotional. - Vancouver Sun Link to review
  • Absorbing, informative and thoughtful, "The Dog Lover Unit" manages to be emotionally rewarding and provocative as well. - The Toronto Star Link to review
  • Enter the intense world of both the dogs and people who form the K9 corps. Every dog has its own unique personality.” - Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make us Human

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