The Essential Guy's Cookbook

The Essential Guy's Cookbook

by Jean Paré & Jeff Morrison
  • cooking
A great gift for any guy! Essential recipes that celebrate the wonderful enthusiasm men have for cooking their special cuisine. It includes classic recipes that taste like Mama used to make to date night dinners (three secrets to win their hearts) as well as quick fixes, late-night snacks, game day cooking and desserts to wow!


Jean Paré, author

Jean Paré grew up understanding that the combination of family, friends and home cooking is the best recipe for a good life. She learned to appreciate good cooking from her Mother, while her father praised even her earliest attempts in the kitchen. When Jean left home, she took with her a love of cooking, many family recipes and an intriguing desire to read cookbooks as if they were novels!

Jeff Morrison, author

Jeff Morrison has travelled to each and every province from coast to coast to coast hunting, fishing, camping and enjoying the fruits of his labour. He describes himself as a consummate conservationist and family man, and describes his cooking as down to earth, simple and about as Canadian as you can get. Jeff spent a lot of time at his uncle's famous steakhouse in the mountains of Québec and picked up copious down-home tips along the way. He is an award-winning member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada and has contributed to several Canadian and American publications over the years.

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